At its essence, Live Moments™ is an opportunity for one of the premier hockey companies in the world to ramp up their brand awareness while making a long-term positive impact in the adult hockey community that goes beyond a simple “one-and-done” PR stunt.


Select adult hockey rinks will be retrofitted with HD cameras recording an entire season’s worth of games in broadcast style. Players will be able to track their stats, view past games, and share their top moments with friends and family members through an advanced Bauer video portal.


Nothing says “big leagues” like taking part in a pre-game interview and talking about your team’s strategy to steal a win from the rival team. Players will be selected at random to conduct brief pre-and-post-game interviews with a Bauer Live Moments team and the clips will be uploaded to the Bauer portal so you can share and save your moment of fame. Youth hockey players will be brought in to spectate tournament and championship games. Players might see themselves in the young faces and the energetic crowd will get to cheer on their local hockey heroes.


Bauer contests and promotions celebrate the top moments of adult hockey league players as they progress through the season, culminating in a final grand prize contest at the end of the season. Store discounts, athletic wear, and equipment giveaways are all part of the promotion. Players can collect commemorative game pucks as personal trophies.


Complete social media and mobile integration gives players the ability to share their top moments and vote for the top plays of the week, month, and even year with huge prizes on the line: hockey swag, NHL fan merchandise, tickets to NHL regular season and playoff games, and an ultimate all-expenses trip to the NHL Awards to present a winning category.

The ultimate bragging rights just got serious.


Amateur hockey players love watching the best players in the world as much as they enjoy playing the game themselves. Jumbotrons and LCD rings provide an additional and effective venue for getting Live Moments into the hockey public.


Mazda Amiryar Design