The goal of #Share2Feed was to create ‘ads worth sharing’ by turning the average person’s Instagram and Twitter usage into a show of support for the homeless and hungry during the holiday season. With each Twitter post or Instagram photo of food accompanied by #Share2Feed, we donated a portion of food to the Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto.

Guerrilla-style posters were placed overnight in key locations all over Toronto, from bus shelters to busy walking streets. The hashtag was getting huge impressions almost immediately after launch and people all over Toronto were sharing their food photos. Posts were even appearing from other North American cities and all over the world too.


I created The Social Donation Project with a copywriter and led the art direction and design of all its components. The campaign was a huge success and garnered positive mentions in the media and advertising community. It was awarded a Merit at the 2014 ADCC Awards for Best Use of Existing Social Media Platform.

Mazda Amiryar Design